ibus case study nigeria s wild telecom frontier

Reading: In Nigeria’s Wild Telecom Frontier, Firms Brave Shifting Rules for Hopes of Growth By Alexandra Wexler| Sep 09, 2017 , and answer 4 questions.


Nigeria is one of the biggest potential growth markets in the world for mobile phones, but firms that operate there face a variety of challenges. Network coverage is poor and many consumers cannot afford to buy smartphones or to pay for expensive data plans. Government policies can shift without advanced notice and the cash-strapped government is viewed as arbitrarily imposing large fines. Fluctuations in the local currency and limited foreign currency availability add additional woes. Despite these challenges, the growth opportunities in the country are substantial and the industry provides a rare bright spot for the nation.


1. What challenges face telecom operators in Nigeria?

2. What factors make Nigeria an attractive market for telecom operators?

3. How can telecom operators create a competitive advantage in Nigeria?

4. How does a nation’s governmental policies impact its attractiveness to investors?

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