I/O psychology :Motivation and job attitudes

PSY 331 Assignment 4: Motivation and Job Attitudes

NEED DONE BY 12/15 Thursday. MUST GET A +. Please only contact if you have knowlege and background in I/O psychology !!!!



Directions :

Part I. You have been hired by a hair salon to improve the performance of their hair stylists. The owner of the hair salon complains that the employees are not motivated to perform well. The owner cites the fact that the hair stylists complain about the amount of work the stylists do (inputs) and the amount of pay they receive (outputs). You speak to the hair stylists and ask them who they compare themselves to when they make this evaluation. The hair stylists compare themselves to the owner of the hair salon who is not a hair stylists but manages the overall business.

Using equity theory, (1) explain why the hair stylists are dissatisfied and (2) explain why the comparison other that the hair stylists are using may not be the best person for the hair stylists to compare themselves to. (10 points)

Part II. You suggest using goal setting theory to the owner of the barber shop. Using the acronym (SMART) discussed in class, explain effective goal setting. Do you think it is important for the hair stylists to accept the goals given to them by the owner? Why or why not? (5 points) 

 Part III. The owner of the hair salon mentions that the salon has lost many good hair stylists over the past year because the stylists are dissatisfied with the level of pay, lack of managerial support, and work schedules. Using the model of turnover discussed in class explain why this might be happening. Use at least one theory of job attitudes (i.e. organizational commitment, perceived organizational support, job satisfaction) to explain why these stylists are leaving (10 points)

Total points: 25



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