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For your Week 6 Discussion Board Question please do the following:

  • Choose one of the following descriptions of a study and identify the design and the variables involved. For each variable decide on the appropriate level of measurement.
  • Prepare the SPSS data file that would be needed for the study described. Ensure that you have created all the variables required and that each has the correct settings (name, label, etc.).
  • Enter fictitious data of the sort which would be collected in the study described.
  • Save the data file that you have created and attach it to your Discussion Board post.
  • In a short paragraph, which should not exceed two paragraphs, discuss which study you chose, identify the design and variables involved, state the level of measurement your variables have been collected at, and explain why you decided on these particular variables and chose to study them this way.
  1. You suspect that drivers who have passengers with them in the car are less likely to exceed the speed limit than lone drivers. You obtain a “speed gun” (a device to measure the speed of cars) and position yourself next to a major road. You observe the first 15 cars as they drive past you, noting whether or not the driver was alone and whether or not the car was exceeding the speed limit.
  2. Imagine you are evaluating a treatment for males convicted of domestic violence. A total of 13 patients seeking treatment for domestic violence related to anger management are randomly assigned to either the Treatment or the Placebo (control) condition. Each patient is assessed by a psychologist using a standardized measure of anger management (score in the range 1-10). The assessment is undertaken twice, once before treatment and once after treatment.
  3. Imagine you are interested in how well adults learn in either passive or active learning environments. Each participant is required to learn two different mazes. One maze is learnt by walking around the maze (active condition), while the other is learnt by watching someone else walk around the maze (passive condition). You measure how long it takes the participant to learn the maze (measured in minutes). A total of 12 participants take part in your study. The order of the two conditions is randomized.
  4. You are interested in how genetic and environmental factors influence children’s delinquency at the age of 18. You recruit 10 pairs of monozygotic (“identical”) twins who are 18 years old and study each one’s arrest record.
  5. Do exercises, such as the ones you are doing now, help students to learn how to use SPSS? To investigate this question, 16 students completed a test of their knowledge and understanding of SPSS. Prior to taking the test, half the students undertook a series of practice exercises.
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