human capital measurement 1


Question A requirements

The main task of the assignment is to draft a report to recommend a human capital measurement system. Students should thus view the three proposed sections as interlinked. The analysis of the customer satisfaction survey data is to support your recommendation of the HC measurement system (i.e. the HR scorecard). The dataset is to help you understanding how the company is doing and the role of human capital in the business. With this, you can start to build your argument for HC measurement.

QUESTION B requirements

You may append the human capital-to-enterprise pathway as an Annex and use the space in the report to explain the map, especially the linkages. I also advise students to (a) identify a single competitive strategy for the company and (b) identify at most two business units that are critical to delivering the competitive strategy. This will keep to ensure that the maps are clear and explanation detailed. Given the five page word-limit, it will be difficult to cover more.

QUESTION C requirements

The HR scorecard comprises five elements: Business objectives, HR deliverable, HR efficiency, HR alignment and High Performance Work System. Each HR deliverable will require detailing of the HR efficiency, HR alignment and High Performance Work System as these are the factors that drive the HR deliverable. So, if you identifying two business output with one HR deliverable for each output, you will have two sets of scorecard.


Please look at the QUESTION PAPER attached for a detailed information about the assignment

please look at the customer satisfaction report file to attempt Question A.

Please look at the Course materials for the Fit-Enz’s Human Capital-to-enterprise pathway to answer Question B and Question C for HR scorecard.

However additional research materials are needed.

Please use APA style for referencing, and in-text citation is a must!

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