How to write a winning nursing case study

nursing case studyA case study is a common type of nursing homework assignment. A nursing case study is a comprehensive assessment of a patient that is experienced during student’s procedure in the lab. Furthermore, it equips them with necessary skills by applying theoretical learning in actual situations. This helps them make some recommendations and conclusions. Additionally, it requires a lot of planning of methodology. As the case study proceeds careful documentation and literature reviews is also required. Initially, it is important to determine the focus and format of it. Finally, you will have to gather facts in order to collate the content of the paper.

A nursing case study has the following sections:

  1. Patient status

  • The name, age, gender of the patient
  • Medical record
  • Present detection and analysis
  1. The nurse’s evaluation of the case

  • Requisite signs and scrutiny tests
  • Nurse’s monitoring
  1. Present care scheme and advice

  • Information of the nursing care scheme
  • Assessment of the present care scheme
  • Counsel for alterations in the present care scheme

Status of the patient

In this section, you are required to give the details of the patient. This includes their names and demographic data. This demographic data includes the ages, gender and race. Additionally, it is important to include the reason for studying their current diagnosis condition. Furthermore, the current treatment being administered is necessary. Finally, include the medical history. In addition, you can also include why they sought medical attention. Family members and social history can also be included.

In addition, you may also include the role of nursing on the patient under the study. However, rather than relying on your memory it is important to write every information you gather. Besides, indicate the importance of including the information in your study. Additionally, once the current diagnosis is given indicate the progress of the disease. The progress includes the cause and what you have observed as signs and symptoms of the disease.

Nursing assessment

In this section, describe the nursing diagnosis. Furthermore, you need to prepare the assessment you have done on the condition of the patient. Additionally, go ahead and explain the reasons for conducting each assessment. In addition, you need to provide the issues identified and give suggestions on the possible causes of the issues. Finally, you will need to suggest the option for treating the issue based on the identified causes. Additionally, you can also suggest a possible nursing care plan for the patient.

Current care and recommendations

In this section, you need to describe the nursing care plan you identified in the nursing assessment. In addition, include the goals and show how it is going to improve the condition of the patient. Additionally, describe each step of the current care plan. Finally, show the reasons why each of them is important. Furthermore, talk about how the scrutiny scheme is better in the quality of the patient

Application and paperwork

nursing case studyImmediately after administering treatment, it is your work to record each remedy undertaking for example dose and time. In addition, trace the enhancement that does or does not occur.

In this section, the information you collate must be cautiously documented and communicated. You must do this in scientific studies too. Additionally, you must also examine the information in the report before making conclusions. These conclusions are to determine the usefulness of the scrutiny scheme and come to settlements.

Finally, in this section, make advice. This may be either go on with the same scrutiny plan. It can also show another or additional treatment plan after conducting research. Additionally, justify each advice you give. Medical research literature can be of great hep in this.


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