how does video game addiction influence teenager in both physically and mentally and the solution of it

describe, analyze, and evaluate one or more efforts to address the significant and current political/social/cultural problem that sits at the center of your project. From there, you will have to 2) argue which of the efforts to address the problem work best, explain why, and offer possible next steps; OR make the case that none of the efforts to address the problem works, explain why, and offer possible next steps.This assignment challenges you to become that strong advocate, one who delivers convincing solutions to a current and pressing political/social/cultural problem. You cannot, in all likelihood, be this advocate at the beginning of the project. You will need to spend time researching and evaluating sources; you will need to explore various arguments and perspectives as you write proposals and drafts. At some point, however, after deepening your knowledge and maybe even after writing a full draft or two, you will need to choose a position to advocate.

Sources & Citations:

You should use at least 10 sources beyond the sources you’ve been assigned in class or used in your first essay. Use the MLA system for citing your sources.

My topic is how does video game addiction influence teenager in both physically and mentally and the solution of it. First, I have to find out how does the addiction form and influence with people mentally. Sources to support that then talking about how does it can harm for our body. For example: our eyes/ version. Maybe Cervical spondylosis and arthritis due to playing video game longtime without activity. Also need sources to support it and prove it.

Then I have to talk about how does video game can influence with our society. sources to support and prove it.

Last one is most important one: Solution. In this part, first, what are the solution for the video game addiction? Some time the game will be having time limits, when you playing game and reach that time limit the game will shut down. (why this can not be work? think about that in America we care about our right. freedom ) Sources to support it how dose no solution works. after this my solution is that create a system within the game. When player reach that time limit, A cartoon figure will be show up. and ask the player to do a stretch activity with the cartoon figure, After the player has completed the stretch activity then they can continually to play. This stretch activity is common on the international fight. There are similar activity on the TV that passenger can do while they are suffering on a long fight.

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