help with a paper 4 pages on auditing plan

Students will create an audit plan for auditing City University information management. 4 pages not including references and title page. APA format.

The audit plan should cover the extent of information management systems and practices that the students are aware of. The students will presume they are external auditors tasked to audit the university information management with no prior access. Naturally as with any audit, this will require assumptions which will be confirmed or debunked upon arrival and the audit plan adjusted as required.

Part of the planning must identify the regulations, standards, policies, procedures and other basis for conducting the audit.

Students can use the CityU website, catalog and other resources to understand the organization and types of information which the organization uses.

Included with the audit plan should be an assessment of qualifications of the students for conducting the audit, and a description of management concerns that may affect the audit quality and results.

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