The key question for this essay is: “What are the key challenges for an MNC in the international business arena?

Choose a country and company and write an essay on it.

Based on the attached files below.

Requirements :

  • Length of this essay should be between 2,000-2,500 words (including country analysis).
  • Theories from the course (BUSM1227 International business) MUST be incorporated in your analysis
  • Marking criteria is available from the learning hub.
  • We focus on the quality of reference. Make sure you combine both academic and industrial or trade information. Please use, at least, six academic journal articles to form your arguments.
  • The clarity of expressions together with the appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuations are important to maintain.
  • Any use of comments, information, data or quotations from others (books, journals, newspapers, web etc.) must be cited properly.
  • The 12-point font in Times New Roman should be used throughout. Appropriate spacing (1.5 lines) and margins on all sides (at least 2 cm) need to be maintained.
  • Number each page.
  • This link will be useful for your writing, referencing and academic style presentation

Do not perform PESTEL/SWOT/ five forces analysis in this essay.

3. This is an international business essay. Please avoid marketing and general management points/analyses in this essay.

4. You can use primary data from corporate’s social media channels such as twitter, facebook, or Instagram to analyse its position in the current international business climate.

P.S. Please refer to the attached files and marking rubric for more information.List of Countries are provided in the IBEssayHandouts at the bottom of the word document. Due to upload restrictions, i could upload only 5 files. Is there anyway which i could upload more?


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