You will create this facebook templet with all this information you find.

In this module, you have learned much about Greece, the Persian Empire, Zoroastrianism and the Greco-Persian War. Because this particular period of history involved two well-known civilizations that were embroiled in a high-profile war, a plethora of individuals made their mark on history and have since become influential figures of antiquity.

Take a minute to imagine what it would be like if these historical figures had the same relative access to social media that we in contemporary society enjoy today. What would they have to say? What would their Facebook page look like? How would they interact with one another?

Now, choose one of the many historical figures that you have learned about in this module, and use the Historical Facebook Template to create a fake Facebook page for that figure. Your Facebook page might be humorous, but should still be historically accurate and demonstrate a clear understanding of the content.

Then, open the Historical Facebook Template in Google Drive, and complete the assignment. When you are finished, download your completed template as a PDF and upload it to the assignment area by clicking on the Browse My Computer button below the text editor.

Please review our tutorial about Submitting Course Assignments if you need assistance with this feature.

For more detailed instructions on completing this assignment, please view the Using Google Drive Templates tutorial (closed caption available).

  • at least three of each of the following: • activities • interests • movies • TV shows • books • relevant quotes from your figure or other appropriate figure, or quotes you believe would hold value to your figure
  • relevant images in all areas that call for pictures
  • At least 6 “posts” on their wall that include interaction with three or more figures. These interactions should accurately reflect these people’s personalities, thoughts, hopes, and actions

All entries are based on clear knowledge of the figure.

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