For this assignment, submit the start of your research proposal that you will turn in in Module 8.  It must be submitted as a Word document.  Your start should be in APA format with a title page, body, and reference page.  You can include an abstract if you want, but it is normally written at the end of a project or proposal as a summary.  Your preliminary proposal should include:  The title (and title page)  A body with at least one page of the literature review (or background to the study depending on what you call it).  A reference page showing all the references used in your literature review start.    Your paper will be graded and the format and content reviewed with feedback to help you make sure you are doing it correctly.  Be sure to open the graded assignment after it is graded to correct any problems or areas needing improvement.  Also, be sure to submit the assignment before the deadline in order to get feedback for your final proposal.  Late submitted assignments may not be graded in sufficient time to review.  You are encouraged to use the attached template to help you correctly format your paper.

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