healthcare environment

NUR204: Week 9AssignmentPage1`Assignment: Change PaperAssignment OverviewIn this assignment, you will assess a current semi-direct or indirect nursing situation that is needsange.
Observe a healthcare environment, focusing on areas of the nursing process that are inefficient, unsafe, or problematic in nature. Diagnose the problem and choose a nursing change theory that suits the change(s) you want to make.
Propose a detailed plan based on your chosen change theory, explaining how to implement change.
Develop criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and include a timeline for your change proposal. Finally, reflect on how your change affects the nursing profession.
Assignment Details:Performthefollowingtasks:
·Completethereadingassignmentandtheinteractivelessonbeforeattemptingthis assignment.
·Assess acurrentsemi-director indirectnursingsituationthatis inneedofchange.
oObserveyour healthcare environment,focusingonareasofnursingprocess thatare inefficient,unsafe,or problematic in nature.
oDiagnosetheproblem and choose a nursing change theory that suits the change you want to make.
oProposeadetailedplanbasedonyour chosenchangetheory,explaininghowto implementchange.
oDevelopcriteriatoevaluatetheeffectivenessoftheplanandincludeatimelineforyour changeproposal.oReflectonhowyour changeaffectsthenursingprofession.
·Writea 4-5pagepaperfollowingthecriteriabelow:
oYour paper shouldincludeprimarysourcesandincludeatleasttwopeer-reviewed nursingjournalarticles.
oCitations shouldbeinyour ownwords andnotdirectquotes.
oThepapershouldbedoublespaced,written in Times New Roman,12-pointfont, followAPA styleformat, andcite allsourcescorrectly.

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