hcs 425 project plan 1

Section 4: Resource Utilization

Funding Source

Describe how this project will be funded (e.g., operational budget, grant funds, donations, loans, etc.).

Project Budget

List your projected revenue, then list expenses by the major category. Expenses already listed in the chart are examples and may change based on your particular project.




Salary expenses


Equipment costs

Contractual services


Section 5: Assumptions and Risk Analysis

Assumptions of the Project

List any statements believed to be true and from which a conclusion was drawn to define this project plan.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Example: Unavailability of suitable lease space may delay project deliverables. Possible mitigation strategy: Work with a realtor to identify and screen lease space options as early as possible. List risks that the approving body (Governing Board) should be aware of before making a decision, including the risk of not funding the project.

Add as many rows in the table as necessary.

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