Make an Informative essay about the controversy of global warming and why it is happening. You have to include the causes and why there are still many people who doubt about that issue as for example Donald trump. Begin the essay with a description of the problem, what is global warming and why people still thinks that is a hoax.

The topic is the controversy of global warming and how it has come to the point to make people doubt about an issue that really exists. how big companies that pollute the environment do not want to make people know about this issue. This quote might be useful to give you an idea “Social researchers have archived that people in general take fast mental arguments while framing suppositions on themes, particularly those for which they don’t have a great deal of data,”


– See the attached rubric paper for all the extra information.

– Medium to basic American grammar, do not write the essay with advanced grammar because the professor knows that I am a exchange student and she knows how I write.

– The essay will be send through. “TURNITIN” ABSOLUTELY NO plagiarism. Do not copy the same paragraphs from internet on the essay.

COHERENCE, Strong introduction and conclusion


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