global business cultural analysis

You will research and write a paper analyzing the cultural perspectives of doing business in another nation. You will select a nation to study (I have attached the Approved nation list), and research and write the paper.

After reading your paper, the reader should be able to comprehensively answer the following research questions. Thus, the research questions form the major aspects (APA Level 1 headings) of your outline.

  • What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region? (See Chapter 2 of the textbook for a list of the required dimensions.)- I have attached Chapter 2
  • How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the nation?
  • How do both of the above items compare with US culture and business?
  • What are the implications for US businesses that wish to conduct business in that region?

Important Points to Consider

This paper must be written in strict conformance to current APA format, and contain a minimum of 24 pages of content (excluding the title page, abstract, and references) utilizing at least 24 references from reputable professional and/or scholarly journals and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.).

  1. Use the following as the exact title of your paper, Global Business Cultural Analysis: (insert nation selected)
  2. The paper must consist of only 4 sections, as indicated above. Do not add sections, or revise the research questions.
  3. The paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file through the SafeAssign link in Module/Week 8.
  4. Three SafeAssign draft links will be provided in the Assignments folder of Module/Week 5 for you to use to improve your originality score prior to your final submission.
  5. Three levels of current APA headings must be used throughout the paper, as this is a graduate-level research paper.

Your topic is a Global Cultural Business Analysis of the nation you selected.You have been provided four specific research questions to guide you in the study of this topic which, if done well, will demonstrate you have attained an advanced measure of expertise in the topic.The research questions provide the framework of your analysis.

  • Question 1 requires you to discuss the general elements of culture (described in Chapter 2 of your textbook) as they apply to your chosen nation.
  • Question 2 is a natural extension of Question 1 in that you will demonstrate how these elements of culture are used in business dealings by the people of your nation.
  • Question 3 is a natural extension of Question 2 in that you will compare and contrast these specific findings with business cultural elements found in the USA.Here is where you use the models for understanding cultures (Hofstede, etc).
  • Question 4 is where you briefly summarize your research findings and is the place where you draw substantive conclusions and report the implications of your research for doing business in that nation.Questions 1 through 3 “set the stage” for Question 4.

I will add Chapter after a tutor is select due the size of the file.

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