Frank Hopkins DB Psy 2

Based on the points that the Loftus article brings up and our textbook readings this week, what kind of implications do particular limitations of human memory have on the use of eye-witness testimony in criminal and civil court cases?


The following are general requirements for all of the course forums. They are included on each forum for easy reference.  Click this forum’s topic to view topic-specific requirements.

Your “Initial Post” is the post to be posted in response to each forum topic’s instructions.  It is due by Wednesday by 11:55p.m., Eastern Time (ET). The initial post length requirement is 300 words.  It is to be posted before replies to classmates.

Two replies to classmates’ initial posts of your choice are due no later than Sunday by 11:55p.m. ET. Reply length requirements are 150 words each.

In preparing your initial posts you will use the course textbook and published articles along with web sources as assigned per forum topic. 

Quoting is not permitted in forum posts and if included will result in point loss.  This is because we are having a conversation and you are demonstrating the meaning you make of learning materials rather than an ability to incorporating quotes into your writing (this is something you will do in essay and research paper composition in future courses; just not on the forums here).

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