forum question 72

This is a discussion between students in a class Forum I need a apply to this student with at least 150 words. Your thoughts? Please your own words, No Plagiarism please

I agree that technology plays an important role in how people are trained and developed, and also how we view training and education. When I was being trained at my first jobs many years ago, training was done primarily through on-the-job training, and rarely in the classroom since I worked for smaller employers. However, when I started working for the state, technology was just starting out, so some trainings were starting to be done through technology. Some of the problems experienced with those trainings was that because the technology was new, there were times that the trainings had to be canceled, even though it just started, since the computers would crash, freeze up, or other problems with the program being used. I agree with you that people learn way more from social interaction. My thoughts are that because we now live in a world of technology, that organizations should all have mandatory trainings in social interaction to teach people skills.

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