Formatting the Title Pageand Reference Page and adding the introduction


On this assignment you will apply APA formatting instructions to your  title page and your reference page, you should review the powerpoint  attached and read the template to make sure you have done them  correctly. This assignment is worth 25 points and you cannot move on  till the next assignment until it is completed correctly. 

You will fill in the title page, the introduction (page 3) and the reference page with correct APA formatting.

Note you will only be using the first page and the last page, do not make changes on the middle pages at this time.

At the end of the semester, your paper will contain the following: Cover page Abstract page Introduction (at least one full page) Summary (at least two to three full pages) Critical Analysis (at least one full page) References

We  will work section by section throughout the semester, this assignment  only deals with the first and last pages. You must find your own  article, two people cannot work on the same article at the same time.

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