for WIZARD KIM:Emotional Dependency in Relationships


Discussion Question: Emotional Dependency in Relationships


Latisha and Earl have been dating for almost a year. But Latisha is having second thoughts about the relationship. For some time she has been feeling that she is taking more responsibility than Earl in keeping the relationship going. Whenever Earl has a hangover from partying too much the night before, she always calls in sick for him or runs to the store to get what he wants. He treats her poorly most of the time, yet she still is reluctant to get out of this relationship.

If Latisha asked your opinion of why she is so emotionally “connected” to Earl, what would you tell her on the basis of what you have learned about emotional dependency and family relationships?


Discuss the case of Latisha and Earl, being sure to address the following items:  

 · Identified two ways that one person can become emotionally attached to another in an unhealthy manner. 

 · Recognized that unhealthy patterns in relationships often have their root in the family of origin. 

 · Established a clear understanding between components of healthy and unhealthy relationships. 




These websites have information you might find helpful in completing this assignment:




Must use the textbook, the NIDA website and other credible sources to substantiate the points you are making.



Drugs in Perspective


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