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Kaplan University

PS430: Program Design and Evaluation

Psychology / Organizational Behavior Management

Topic: Evidence Based Staff Training


Acme Behavioral Consultation, Inc. has another new client. This time, you are asked to join a team of consultants who have been working with Global Ed Charter School. Global Ed is a for-profit organization in Washington, D.C. serving a diverse group of students, culturally and economically. Global Ed president has reported that behavior incidents have increased since the beginning of the school year in all classes. The president has been lobbying the board for the last two years to develop a behavior management services unit at the school. In addition, she believes that the staff require additional training on basic behavior analytic tactics.

Your Acme Behavioral Consultation, Inc. supervisor has tasked you with providing initial ideas for an effective staff training program to be implemented at Global Ed.

For your Discussion this week you are asked to discuss potential staff training plans for Global Ed:

1.          Identify a specific model for evidence based staff training.

2.          Describe the necessary components of your selected staff training model.

3.          Discuss why the components in your selected model are necessary and why your staff training model is the best choice.

4.          Discuss other potential reasons for the increase in inappropriate behaviors at Global Ed. Is staff training the only solution? What are other considerations and environmental variables to evaluate?


Suggested resources (attached documents):


Chapter_6.docx:    Johnson C.M., Mawhinney, T. C., & Redmon, W.K. (2001). Handbook of organizational performance: Behavior analysis and management. New York, NY: Sage The Hawthorn Press, Inc


Interobserver_Agreement.pdf:    Morgan, D. L., & Morgan, R. K. (2009). Interobserver agreement. In  Single-case Research Methods for the Behavioral and Health Sciences . [62–67} Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications, Inc.



Evidence_Based_Staff_Training.pdf:     Parsons, M. B., Rollyson, J. H., & Reid, D. H. (2012). Evidence-based staff training: a guide for practitioners. Behavior Analysis in Practice,  5 (2), 2–11.

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