1. Describe the benefits of using high pressure technology to improve protein functionality with two examples, A protein chemist observed a loss in red color of meat after High pressure processing. Explain with chemistry the cause for this observation. What would be your approach to maintain the red color of meat during processing? Justify your answer.
  2. Native proteins are not highly functional. Apply the basics you learned in the class and describe how you would make soy native to be a good: 1. emulsifying agent, 2. foaming agent and, 3. gelling agent with desirable stability for food application. Discuss the answer with chemistry and reactions.
  3. Proteins are dynamic molecules. Discuss how protein interactions with proteins, polysaccharides, and lipids can help in the development of new and novel food ingredients for practical food application. Provide one example for each of the three interactions (1.Protein-protein interaction, 2. Protein polysaccharide interaction and, 3. Protein-lipid interaction) . How can these interactions positively and negatively impact the functional properties (solubility, emulsifying, foaming)? Support your answer with chemistry and structures.
  4. Molecular dynamics strategy is used for understanding global conformational changes for functionality and functional uses (bioactivities) of proteins and peptides. Explain and discuss how this is possible using molecular dynamics taught in the class with one example for functionality and one for functional use (8). Can we use this strategy to manipulate proteins for enhancing functionalities in a food system? Discuss your thoughts and approach .
  5. Can Simulation help understand the intricate architecture and membrane interactions of a receptor – from an inactive peptide monomer to an active dimer (in this case a peptide)? Discuss how
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