final project slideshow or powerpoint

Our last week of class will turn the spotlight on you! Essentially, YOU become the teachers. Based on the research you have done on your chosen topics, you are to present your findings to the class in a well-crafted original presentation. Your presentation should cover the components listed in the rubric below.

The presentation

Your presentation should take the form of a narrated slideshow or video. Your presentation should contain about 8-10 minutes of content. At the beginning of Week 8, you will post your presentation in the Week 8 discussion area called “Final Presentations.”

A list of references in APA format must be provided with your presentation. All images and facts require citation. Ideally, you should use at least 10 credible and scholarly sources, which can include the references you summarized in Week 4. All of your sources must be credible, but you can include non-scholarly sources to supplement your presentation. Use the rubric presented below to structure your work. Be sure to touch upon each required component to earn as many points as you can. If you use a slideshow format, work on making the presentation attractive and not too text-heavy. Be sure to include in-text citations for any facts that you present. You should include a transcript to accompany your slides.

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