Family Health History

Each student will survey his/her parents, siblings and grandparents for their health history. After completing the health history table (attached), you will summarize the results in a discussion paper (minimum 2 pages including plan for disease prevention) that discusses the health issues common to your family. You must also include a realistic plan or proposal for preventing similar diseases for yourself. The attached table will be completed and submitted with the paper.

• Three or more references from books, peer-reviewed journals or reliable web sites are to be used in researching the health concerns. Key journals and web sites are listed with this syllabus. Citations must be written using AMA style.
please to make sure of the blow requirements
1- Discussion of Family Health Issues
2-Well organized, appropriate grammar, thorough discussion
Proposal for Disease Prevention
3-Well organized, appropriate grammar, thorough discussion
4-Reference- 3 reputable sources
5-Proper use of citations throughout paper and at end 4

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