Explain how changes in societal views, expectations, and assumptions are reflected in the evolution of advertisements of same or similar products from different time periods.


Pre-writing steps:

  • Complete/review the assigned readings and summarize their main ideas paying special attention to any new concepts or terms.
  • Look for commercials of the same or similar product from different time periods, for example from the 1970s, late ‘90s, and recent years. See if you notice a pattern or if any of the ads seem to illustrate ideas from the readings. Take notes and save links to the ads as you work.

Writing steps:

  • Turn the prompt into a question (“How do changing ads demonstrate…?”).
  • Develop a thesis as a tentative answer to the earlier asked question.
  • Formulate several ideas that develop your thesis.
  • Select three advertisements, which can most effectively illustrate the chosen concept, such as changes in gender stereotyping, racial assumptions, or consumer expectations among others.
  • Search the read articles for references, which support your ideas. You can use an article to explain a concept, back up your own idea, or introduce your analysis of examples.
  • Notice how the assigned sources are interconnected, how one article gives you a general view on advertisement and other articles go in depth.
  • Organize your ideas in a logical way, create transitions between ideas and paragraphs.
  • If appropriate use direct quotes, but avoid “patching” your paper with large chunks of quoted text. Paraphrasing is preferred, but sometimes quoting is necessary to render the synthesized information more precisely and succinctly.
  • When quoting, use a signal phrase that connects the quoted information to the previous discussion, quotation marks to identify beginning and end of the borrowed language, an in-text citation to give credit to the author/s, and some follow-up comments to finish integration of the borrowed information.
  • In conclusion, briefly summarize your main findings and also identify any questions that remained unanswered as well as any issues that require further exploration.


  • Length: 5-7 pages of double spaced, size 12 text NOT counting the Works Cited.
  • Use and academic essay format: introduction, body conclusion, thesis, topic sentences, and transitions.
  • Develop your ideas about advertisement in relation to the ideas of the assigned articles.
  • Synthesize the assigned articles and include in your paper.
  • Use 3-5 ads and your knowledge of rhetorical analysis (terms!) to illustrate ideas.
  • Quote, paraphrase, and summarize as appropriately.
  • Cite the synthesized articles and all the ads mentioned in the paper on a MLA style Works Cited page.
  • Have your paper read by somebody whose feedback you trust.
  • Read your paper aloud and revise and edit several times.
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