ethical dilemma essay

OTA 230 – Ethics Essay

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling counts.


Include a proper title page for your Ethics Essay. (1 point)

Review the Ethical Dilemma you have been assigned, once you have read the ethical dilemma, write your response to the ethical situation which you were provided and be sure you include the information below.You may refer to the Occupational therapy Code of Ethics as a Reference Document and should reference it throughout your answer as it applies.

Include the following information:

Refer to The Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and clarify what principle(s) are to be considered for the situation (5 points)

Discuss a minimum of 2 possible ways (5 points) to handle the situation. Discuss standards of conduct for each individual in the situation.

Consider the clinical, contextual, individual and personal preferences surrounding the situation when you formulate your answer.

Be specific in:

1. HOW you would approach the individual (25 points)

2. WHEN you would respond to the situation (25 points)

3. WHAT would you say and what conversation might follow (25 points)

4. WHAT is unethical about the situation and why, be specific. (5 points)

5.WHAT Other pertinent details or comments would you include. (4 points)

6.Provide a closing paragraph. (5 points)

Failure to include any of the components will result in a loss of points. Please read all of the instructions carefully and read your ethical situation carefully. Scenarios are real life scenarios that can present in the real world, it is how you handle them that is important and shows whether or not you understand what being ethical and professional is all about.

Ethical Situation

You are working with an elderly patient who prefers a practitioner of the same gender due to cultural issues. As you come in to begin a day’s treatment, you hear another staff member of the opposite gender harshly tell the patient that staffing is short and he/she will have to “get over it.”

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