essays should be 750 1250 words 3 5 pages should have both references footnotes or parenthetical style just be consistent and a bibliography 1


Essay #1

Assignment Instructions

Essays should be 750-1250 words (3-5 pages) All essays (typed & double-spaced) should have both references (footnotes or parenthetical style – just be consistent!) and a bibliography. In putting together your essay, please try to use specific evidence from assigned and selected texts to support your arguments.

Select one of the source pairings from the Contrast and Comparison Exercises on the AHA’s Conquest of Mexico website (included on the course Blackboard page), and find one scholarly journal article on the Conquest (using America: History and Life, Historical Abstracts, JSTOR, Project MUSE, or some other database accessible through NIU Libraries – you can’t use Camilla Townsend’s article assigned for class). Write an analysis of the primary sources and a summary of the argument from the article. Are the primary sources you found cited in the article? What do you learn from both sources that you did not learn from the book? That is, how do the sources and article augment, enhance, or change your understanding of the topic compared to the Bedford collection?…

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