essay about sultan qaboos university and mosque

Learning outcomes to be covered by this assignment:

1. Describe the historical, geographical and demographical aspects of Omani society

2. Describe the institutions of the modern state in terms of development.

3. Express the measures taken for development of human resources, education sector contributes to growth, economic progress social integration and religious tolerance.

Assignment Instructions: ESSAY

1- You are required to use online/ library resources to complete the assignment.

2- Write an essay on each:

a. Sultan Qaboos University

b. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Note: Essay must include the history and the developments of the topics selected.

The final report must follow a standard report format:

– Title Page

– Content Page

– Essay 1 (Sultan Qaboos University)

– Essay 2 (Sultan Qaboos Mosque)

– Conclusion

– Your Points of View

– References

*** Words count = 1600 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Required to use online/ library resources to complete the assignment.

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