essay 3 annotated bibliography 3

3 – 5 pages (the minimum is 3 full pages)

An annotated bibliography is an evaluation of sources, and a plain bibliography is a simple list of sources (we call it a Works Cited page in MLA format).A bibliography includes as much bibliographic information as possible (the author, title, publisher, etc.).

You will write an annotated bibliography in proper MLA format. Your entries will be alphabetized, and you will double-space your assignment as you would any other essay.

You will analyze a MINIMUM of FIVE SOURCES for this assignment. You may use the two sources you have already analyzed for your previous two assignments in this assignment. Each annotation should include a portion that summarizes the content of the source, assesses the critical value of the source, and reflects on the usefulness of the source. Only you can determine how much written space you devote to each source, but remember that you must still write a total of a minimum of three full pages.

Your annotations should be short, clear, and concise source evaluations (like what you wrote for the first essay).Summarize the author’s main idea(s), assess how well the author makes his or her argument, and reflect on how you could use the source in your own research. You can break these components up over a number of paragraphs or, if you think it would be more appropriate for a specific source, you can sum up these three components in a few sentences.

Mandatory Requirements

  • No fewer than three full pages, and no more than five full pages.
  • Must be type-written in Microsoft Word. The essay must follow MLA format and be double-spaced.
  • Must be typed in Times New Roman font.
  • Must have a header with your name, the date, and the course title.
  • Must have a title that is centered at the top of the page.
  • Must be written in a formal tone. No slang or contractions.

Minimum Requirements

  • write clear, precise, and specific annotations that makes your opinionated claim obvious;
  • avoid mere summary; analyze each source critically;
  • express consistent, clear, and well-developed opinions throughout the course of the annotations;
  • choose one side to argue—do not be wishy-washy in your approach to each source;
  • analyze no fewer than FIVE different sources by different authors;
  • explain how each source contributes to your research topic.

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