environmental epidemiology 1

Environmental epidemiology is the study that has focused attention on the environmental impacts to human health. The exhaust from vehicles, the plastic bags blowing in the trees, the smell of paint, etc. We have many questions that we can investigate that directly impact us. In New Jersey, many houses were built when lead was still in paint—perhaps this may be a question you have about your house. Can the stress from traffic add to the risk of high blood pressure? We study these types of things through epidemiology. Epidemiology investigates the distribution of disease and/or injury in human populations. Choose a topic of your interest where surveillance data is collected from the CDC(https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/indss_2018.html). Write a twopage, double spaced summary of the article you have chosen including the importance of the topic, key findings, needed public health action, and why you chose the topic.

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