ecom 402 e supply chain management 1300 words due date march 1 2020

Create or choose any business organization of your choice and describe the organization according to the below:

  • To create a new company or find a suitable company that to be located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include(s) the followings:
    • Vision and Mission of the company
  • Introduce the concept of E-Logistics and E-Supply Chain Management for the organization selected by you.
  • Discuss the concepts of collaboration and Integration, which demonstrates effective use of ICT.
  • To apply a SWOT analysis to your business.
  • Also analyze your business and process as per below points:

a.Give an introduction about the company as well business unit.

b.Mention the kind of product(s) as well as services.

c.Write down Company statement.

  • Strategic Planning (SP) and Operational Optimization (OO)
  • Web Applications for the Outsourcing of Logistics Service
  • E-Procurement Processes.
  • Distribution Facilities Planning(Transport Provider Selection Process)
  • Discuss Use of Cloud Computing


The cover page in the attachment (Assignment Format-NEW (1)

1300 words

Due Date March 1, 2020

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