do the research 17 page and the prsentation 40 slide origami

do the research and the prsentation origami

do the research and the prsentation origami

1.  Topic recovery from stroke mental function and Depression How to improve mental function how origami help the patient improve their skills and mind

2.  Do the Presentation summarize the paper as you give lecture to high school student disability class Please I want a very perfect work and the presentation is 40 mints I want 40 slides . In the slide PowerPoint  you should summarized the paper and add part as  Lecture for

high school student disability class because I am going to  present The PowerPoint  to the professor and  University student and high school  students that why I want the PowerPoint has all the information

Add video to the presentation

Please consider the following as you complete your project. Your total report should be 17 pages double space APA FORMAT (not including references) with two major sections relating to the technical content (a unique application of origami to contribute to the solution of a engineering/biomedical engineering problem) and an educational outreach component (developing ideas that highlight origami and how it can be used to impact K-12 education in terms of NGSS and DCI, SEP, and CCC.)

More specifically, the technical portion should include an abstract, an introduction that describes the challenge based on current literature and why origami is a viable candidate for developing a solution, a design section that highlights how you propose to use origami to develop a good solution or move us in the direction towards a solution, and a synthesis section that highlights the timeframe and feasibility of your approach.

Impact mental function

The educational outreach portion should highlight the following based on your technical origami based project- special education class and young people aware of this
1)specific grade level or grade band that you would like to work with-( high school )
2) specific NGSS topic areas that your origami project can adequately address (Science and Engineering Practices (SEP), Cross Cutting Concepts (CCC), and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI).
3) Specific learning objectives,
4) the actual lesson plan/learning outline that highlights what is needed, the learning content/concepts, and suggested flow
5) describe how the lesson will be assessed (how do you measure what the students have learned)

1.  In the presentation you should have the paper as you give lecture to high school student disability class

1.  Learning objectives

2.  Play next generation

3.  Activity

4.  Assess

Depression How to improve mental function

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