• A detailed explanation of each of the DMZ network design AND Firewall AND Access Lists and VLANAND Load Balancing (4 Paragraphs for each ) and write reference for each one also writing challenges for each one.

Number of pages minimum 8 pages maximum 15 pages

  • DMZ network design will isolate the exchange and web server from the network and this will provide easy access for the remote users and clients. Also it will provide security for the network if anyone tried to hack it. (Young, 2001)
  • Firewall the use of firewall will provide a shield of protection for the network from any penetrations/threats in future.
  • Access Lists and VLAN will make limitations for users and data in the network so that users can send and receive their allocated resources only, or individuals can access particular resources depending on their department. (Lessons, 2015)
  • Load Balancing will be done so when there is a possibility of a load in the network it is distributed between the devices.

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