Discussion post respond and answer

This week you have a choice between two activities designed to stimulate discussion. Your choices are “poem” or “photograph”:

Poem: Write a haiku style poem about your research: either the subject matter or the process of conducting the research. A haiku is a form of poetry where there are three lines.  The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables.  The haiku may contain multiple stanzas of this 3-line form, so you are not limited to only 17 syllables.  Share your poem with the class, and reflect on what new insights you may have gained about your research by tapping into your creative side.

Photograph: Find a photograph of a friend or loved one, share a picture of the photograph on the discussion board, and describe it. Then, look at the photographs that one or two classmates posted, and then write about that person’s photo(s) as though you were a reporter telling that person’s story.

Choose option 1 to write a poem. This is due today by 2200. Eastern standard time 

below you will find 2 discussion responses from my classmates, provide 2 responses.

Discission response #1. 

The time has now come,

For us to pay attention,

The schools are changing.

I decided to write a haiku poem on the school systems. My research is centered around education and behavior issues. With so much going on in the world with mass shootings due to mental issues and students that were bullied who never received the help they needed, it is time to pay attention. My haiku is a cry for help, for parents to be more aware of their children’s emotions and feelings. Ask them how their day was or how things are going in school? We need to be more observant and proactive when it comes to resolving issues before they arise. This poem touches so many areas of education, things change daily in the classroom. As I research more about education, I realize that we need to be a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves.

Discussion response #2

Photograph:  Attached is a photograph of my mother, granddaughter and myself.  In this picture speaks a lot of volume of our family across three generations of women.  We are simple loving, caring and happy family.  We carries distinct facial features.  This picture was taken shortly before my mom board her flight for Jamaica on her last family visit two years ago.  This picture was taken by my son Shawn who saw it as an opportunity to have a picture of three generations of women in his family together.  Even though we were all smiling for the camera, we were all saddened by the fact that mom was going home.  

You don’t need to see the photograph above to provide a response. Use what they wrote to formulate your response. 

Also so you  option 2 if you like withoit the photograph and write about research instead according  to the instructions.

Due today by 2200 eastern standard time 

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