discussion forum 80

Discussion Question(s):

Read the following very short story, read the two definitions below it, and answer the four questions below the definitions. Do not access any additional sources to answer the questions.

As we usually do, please also respond to two of your classmates’ postings.

Min 250 words.

1. Read this story:

Link to Erik Cofer’s “Sorry Dan, But It’s No Longer Necessary For a Human to Serve as CEO of This Company” (Links to an external site.)

2. Read these two definitions to familiarize yourself more with tone and irony:

Definition and Examples of Tone from LiteraryDevices.net: https://literarydevices.net/tone/

Definition and Examples of Irony from LiteraryDevices.net: https://literarydevices.net/irony/

3. Answer the following questions about the story:

(a) Is there an overall tone to the story?

(b) Can you find any moments in the story when the tone changes? Why does the tone change there?

(c) Try to find a specific passage that supports your idea about the story’s tone.

(d) Does the story use irony at any time? If it does, then what kind of irony does it use?




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