discussion board communication

The Discussion Board is worth 25points total. To earn full credit, Parts One and Two must meet the assignment guidelines, be free of spelling and grammatical errors, be posted by the due dates, and meet the minimum word count (if there is one listed).Hint: type and proofread your postings & responses in Microsoft Word, and then copy & paste into the text box of the discussion board.Part One of Discussion Board #2
In this unit, we learned a lot about Perception. Perception is almost like a pair of glasses we use to see and understand the world, including when we look in the mirror. For this week’s discussion, choose between the following two topics:Choice #1: In your own words, explain how self-esteem is created through self-concept using the social comparison theory and/or self-discrepancy theory. Do you see these patterns in your own interactions? OR Choice #2: Our reading this week gave us a 3 Step Process to create our own method of Perception Checking. Explain how either you or others interacting with you could use these steps to improve some of your interactions. Your posting for full credit should be at least  250 words 

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