discussion 350 word minimum 2

Your final project will be intervention research appropriate for applied settings. Using the target behavior you chose in Unit 5, state the research question for your final project? Address each of the following:

  • How you can you can show experimental control using hypothetical data for the A-B-A-B withdrawal design
  • The aspects of social validity for the target behavior
  • The possible outcomes of after the intervention

To assist you in creating hypothetical data for the intervention you can use the example located in appendix B of the Kratochwill et al. (2010) document, the applied research articles presented in Unit 4 [Figure 3 of the Vanselow and Bourret (2012) article] and Unit 5 (Craig, 2010 article) detailing withdrawal/reversal designs, any of the published articles cited in Table 9.2 in Chapter 9 of the Ledford & Gast (2019) text and the A-B-A-B graphing tutorial presented in Unit 4.

UNIT 5 targeted behavior information needed:

The hypothetical situation is the testing for a vaccine. A malaria vaccine has been developed to help address the prevalence of malaria in developing nations. The A-B-A-B study design may be used to determine whether or not the vaccine is likely to be effective in addressing the problem in the region. The vaccine could be introduced to the selected population and its impacts tested. It would be withdrawn to determine the possible effects and then finally reintroduced if it is found to be effective or impactful.

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