Choose  one   of the personality disorders listed below.

You will find these discussed in the chapter on Personality Disorders in your text.

Send a private message to the instructor indicating which of the 9 topics you

            have chosen.  See Instructor’s policy regarding writing on a topic that is

            not an assigned topic.

The various personality disorders are interesting topics and we have not covered these in class. 

  This is your opportunity to learn about a personality disorder


Choose only one  of the 9   options below . No other topics are acceptable.  

                        Paranoid Personality Disorder

                        Schizoid Personality Disorder

                        Schizotypal Personality Disorder

                        Antisocial Personality Disorder

                        Borderline Personality Disorder

                        Histrionic Personality Disorder

                        Narcissistic Personality Disorder

                        Avoidant Personality Disorder

                        Dependent Personality Disorder


**You cannot limit yourself to the text for material.  Research is required ( minimum of 4 peer-reviewed articles must be cited in the paper ). 

Write paper (minimum of 1500 words) on the chosen disorder describing the         


                        a. The behaviors associated with the disorder. 

                        b.  The range of impairment/limitations/disability for this disorder

                        c. The implications/problems of this disorder for society

                        d. Possible treatment options for the disorder 

              See posting on explanation of “behaviors, impairment, and implications”.


(No penalty if you go over the word count as long as the material is pertinent and relevant) 


            *** You must use subheadings for each of the 6 parts of the paper


                                    Behaviors associated with (the disorder you have chosen).            

                                    Range of Impairment

                                    Implications for society

                                    Treatment options


*** Include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed sources.  You must provide information from each reference and it must be cited in the paper.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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