describe the relationships of social responsibility ethics and law in business define and apply business terminology assignment

Assignment 1 covers the following Course Student Learning Objectives.

  1. Describe the relationships of social responsibility, ethics, and law in business.
  2. Define and apply business terminology


Business Ethics has been at the heart of many discussions over the years and continues to trouble employees and shareholders. Stories about dishonesty and wrongful behavior in the workplace appear on a regular basis in newspapers and on the national news.

Prepare a written report on the following:

  1. Why can it be so difficult for people to do what is right?
  2. What is your personal code of ethics? Prepare a code outlining what you believe is morally right. The document should include guidelines for your personal behavior.
  3. How will your code of ethics affect your decisions about:
    1. The types of questions you should ask in a job interview?
    2. Selecting a company to work for?

Answer all 3 questions in paragraph form. A paragraph is a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences.

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