dance history 5

Your Discussion should have two total posts!

Post One: Response to Questions Below in complete sentences.

Ballet Russe choreographers introduced many new ideas to dance audiences in Europe that differed from the norm ideas of the time, do you think that the Ballet Russe was helping diversify peoples views? Why or why not?

Support your thoughts with examples if possible.

Post One: Make sure you use complete sentences and grammar.

After reviewing the lecture (Precursors to Modern Dance) and doing your reading assignment, answer the questions listed below:

Which of the modern dance forerunners is of most interest to you personally?

Why do you think that this person stood out to you?

Watch the above documentary about Loie (Lois) Fuller. The respond to below questions.

After learning more about Loie Fuller and the beginning of lighting design for dance:

Discuss at least two things your learned from watching this video.

Your response should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences in paragraph form but can be longer if needed. Please use correct grammar in your response.

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