Here is a proposed outline for project 1. You don’t have to follow the proposed outline entirely as I usually like students to come up with their own outline for the project. Please email me if you have any questions.

Executive Summary Deliverable Outline (2-3 pages)

  1. Title Page
  2. Executive Summary (describing everything in a holistic picture, very high level. Essentially, you are describing the non-technical presentation into words).
  3. References

Non-Technical Presentation Deliverable Outline (8-10 slides)

  1. Title Slide
  2. Information System Infrastructure
  3. Business Units
  4. Mission Critical System (I highly suggest diagram)
  5. Current Security Posture (List at least one thing they are doing right)
  6. Current Access Controls
  7. Current Vulnerabilities
  8. Current Threats
  9. Current Risks
  10. Recommendations
  11. Reference Slide

Technical Report Deliverable Outline (6-7 pages; page count does not include diagrams, figures, tables, etc.)

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Information System Infrastructure
    1. Organizational Structure and Business Units
    2. Mission Critical System
      1. System Description at High Level using Diagrams
      2. CIA of PHI (describe how the system is protecting the CIA of PHI to include talking about how your current antivirus detects malware and how that contributes to CIA of PHI)
  4. Vulnerabilities
    1. Identity Management
      1. Authentication
      2. Authorization
      3. Access Control
  5. Threats
    1. Insider Threat
    2. Intrusion Motives
    3. Hacker Psychology
  6. Risks (lists current risks with severity levels)
  7. Password Cracking Tools
    1. Benefits
    2. Risks
    3. Results (insert workspace screenshots)
  8. Comparative Analysis
    1. Cyberattacks
      1. Attack 1 (description)
      2. Attack 2 (description)
    2. Speed
      1. Length to crack password
    3. Precision
      1. Password Strength
    4. Results
  9. Recommendations
  10. Conclusion
  11. References
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