Current Roles of Advanced Practice Nurses

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Current Roles of Advanced Practice Nurses

Advanced  practice nurses are specialized to perform different roles. “Nurse  Practitioners (NP) are specialized to order, perform and interpret  diagnostic tests in primary care” (Neto, Rewa, Leonello & Oliveira,  2018, p.720). Besides, NP prescribes medications, provide treatment of  injuries and oversee the overall patient health. Certified Nurse Midwife  (CN) is in charge of reproductive and gynecological health in the  provision of primary care. Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) collaborates  with other nursing staff in providing primary care, analyzing patient  data and outcomes, and performing nursing practices research. Lastly,  “Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists collaborates with other medical  specialists to administer anesthesia and oversee the patient recovery”  (Heale, 2016, p.311).Therefore, APNs roles focus mostly on provision of  primary care.

Effective Tactics for APNs Strategic Positioning Regarding Pay Equality

Advanced  Practitioner Nurses can use several strategies to position themselves  regarding pay equality. First, collect the relevant data on FNPs pay in  other countries or states. The data collected should be analyzed based  on the date of hire, gender, job location, working hours per week,  overtime pay, and bonuses then used as a bargaining tool for pay  equality with the employer. Secondly, APNs can file legal suites against  the employer to remedy equality pay. APNs should first examine the pay  practices and policies then a file legal suit against the employer  (Gardner, Duffield, Doubrovsky & Adams, 2016). Lastly, agree with  the employer through labor unions to have measurable performance metrics  to serve as points of reference when increasing salaries.

Reasons Nurse Practitioners Should Push for Comparable Worth, Same Service, and Same Pay

Advanced  practice nurses should push for comparable worth, same service, and  same pay because already there is a shortage of physicians and APNs  coordinate all primary care serves in most hospitals located in the  rural and suburban areas. Secondly, the kind of training given to  advanced practice nurses are sufficient to provide primary care hence  they deserve equal treatment (Heale, 2016). Lastly, the licensing body  for APNs, physicians and other clinical officers is different hence they  should push for comparable worth, same service, and same pay because  they are completely in independent professional bodies.


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Nurses  as primary care and health promoters providers have a crucial part in  the sophisticated health train, that is the reason as Nurse  Practitioners we are able to apply strategies, along with techniques for  equal pay. The Equal Pay Act calls for that males and females get equal  pay for equal work in the exact same establishment. It’s not crucial  that the jobs are the same, though they should be substantially the  exact same. It’s the job written content rather than the job titles that  decide if the tasks are substantially the same. Companies can’t spend  unequal wages to women and men that perform tasks that need identical  ability, responsibility and effort and are done under comparable working  conditions inside the identical establishment.

As  a method it’s essential in an effort to remove discriminations that  could exist, to compensate for all the consequences of last  discrimination, as well to motivate the participation of all nurses to  generate methods for them being of common use in favor of the whole  state nursing organization..

The  Nurse Practitioner income is an extremely debatable topic also it’s  been reviewed in ways that are many, since they are saying the salary of  theirs isn’t consistent with the job they actually do (Donelan et, al,  2013). I believe that as future NP we should advocate that the job of  ours is correctly given plus it is done based on the services we offer  on the public. The latest scientific studies show NP is a really crucial  website link in the process of medicine as well as for that reason we  must be remunerated appropriately to the service we offer, that’s  saying, an equal pay (Pickard, 2014)


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