In this assignment, you will formalize a plan to develop your own social networking site or online community. You will also be expected to provide additional research to support your plan (6-8 ARTICLES ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS PROJECT)


Write an essay of 1,250-1,500 words (APA REQUIRED) that may include tables and other types of presentation media (OPTIONAL).

Include the following in the essay:

  1. Name your project and provide an introduction to the project.
  2. Define the type of site you are creating: social networking or online community.
  3. Justify the selection of the type of site you are proposing (why social networking versus an online community?).
  4. Identify the gap that your site will address in your community, industry, workplace, etc.
  5. Describe the characteristics of your potential members.
  6. Discuss how you would use psychological, communication, learning, and/or cognitive theories to attract and retain members.
  7. Evaluate the type of technology you will leverage to deploy your social networking site or online community.
  8. Analyze the costs, benefits, and risks involved in deploying your social networking site or online community.
  9. Propose a plan that explains the next steps
  10. Provide a conclusion that discusses future research opportunities.

Please be as detailed as possible using comprehensive psychological strategies. I have provided a file which has best practices for online communities or social networking. I am looking for a top notch paper and if so I will provide a top notch tip. There is a 3 day timeline to give ample time for extremely well written work.

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