1. create a teaching presentation based on a case ( uploaded pt. health history) the discussion is on common abdominal pain, or Gi disease. The patient uploaded has bowel obstruction.
  2. Create a minimum of three high level learning objectives for this presentation. (What do you want the learners to know after they view your presentation?) There are multiple web sources on how to write learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy online. Click here for an example or conduct your own search.
  3. Your case will start with a complete SOAP note ( uploaded)—then major research and discussion of the disease process are presented.
  4. Your case will also include an extended SOAP note. Used uploaded paper for guidelines on what should be included in the extended SOAP note.
  5. A minimum of five test questions should be created and posted with your presentation.
    1. The test questions will focus on appropriate intellectual activities ranging from simple recall (no more than one question), problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, and evaluation.
    2. There are multiple Internet sources on how to write test questions
  6. A minimum of five scholarly sources should be used for your presentation. (Course texts can count for one source only; if using data from websites you must go back to the literature source for the information—no secondary sources are allowed.)
  7. As a recap, your Grand Rounds presentation must include:

    1. Three learning objectives that must be clearly written and presented
    2. A complete SOAP on the approved template.
    3. Extended SOAP note
    4. At least five test questions (such as multiple choice and matching) designed to asses the mastery of the learning objectives
    5. A minimum of five scholarly resources, no later than 5yrs. old.
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