could you please write total of 6 pages 2 pages under each of 3 following questions

The question: Could you please write total of 5-6 pages, around 2 pages under each question:

I attached to you chapter 5 of the research could you please help me with write the result in the part of (Summary of Findings and Conclusion) and answer the following question:

RQ1. What are the characteristics of an effective Early Childhood Professor?

RQ 2. How do Early Childhood Professors exemplify the skills of their field?

RQ 3. How do Early Childhood professors illuminate self-efficacy?

You already read and correct the finding of the study that can help you writing the result of the research and add the researcher opinion (The researcher opinion- The researcher believes- The researcher noted). I attached you examples of chapter 5 (example A- example B). Note: You can use direct quote from the findings to support the answer of the questions you can see example (B)

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