continuation from other assignments this just compiles all that have been previously done these sections must be added secondary data set used how data collected in this data set validity and reliability of the data set

Please incorporate edits and suggestions from my instructor: Hello Dielda, please see my comments re: your research question(s) on this and previous assignments. It would be great if you only had one question, and explored additional variables as potential confounding ones. Please make sure to do so for the rest of your assignments. As of now, you performed descriptive and bivariate analyses. You will need to add unadjusted and adjusted regression analyses (for which you will include potential confounding variables or covariates of your main independent variable).

Bold sections are new and need to be incorporated into previous assignmanets.

Wk 11 Proj

Your Final Scholar-Practitioner Project Report should be 20–25 pages (excluding title page and references).

Make sure to include the following in your report:

  • Title page
  • Research topic and background
  • Research question
  • Secondary data set used
  • How data collected in this data set
  • Validity and reliability of the data set
  • Data analysis plan (variables and statistical procedures)
  • Data dictionary and data table
  • Results and interpretation (descriptive and inferential tables)
    • Descriptive analysis tables or graphs with interpretation
    • Inferential analysis tables or graphs with interpretation
      • Limitations of study
      • Two recommendations for future research
  • Implications for social change
  • References

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