computer and human interactions

Project Requirements

Part 1 (Project Prototype Evaluation):

In the previous phase you used paper and hand drawings or simple computer generated graphics to create various low level prototypes. As part of the same phase you then picked one prototype for further development. In this phase you are asked to create a high level prototype.

This is the initial coding phase of the project. Based on all of the work you have done so far, you need to create a functioning system that implements your design. You are free (and encouraged) to modify your design based on what you have learned so far. The primary goal of this prototype is to enable you to perform a user test (which is the following phase). So, the way to think about how much of this prototype that you must build is to think about the parts that will be needed to perform the usability test. Build those needed parts for this prototype. Thus, you should look ahead at the user study requirements to inform your thinking about this prototype. In general, the prototype does not have to be finished (you will have one more chance for completing the application). But all of the elements that you want to study need to either be finished, or have hooks for “Wizard of Oz” scenarios.


Create a report that includes the following with each item labeled with clear bullets & description.

  • Summary Description – a short (1-2 pages) description of how your low level prototype was transformed into a high level prototype. In particular, make sure you indicated:
    • What you have done
    • What in the prototype still needs expansion / changes/ further development
  • Prototype Description – a description of how your prototype works. You must:
    • Include images / screenshots and explanation of the transitions.
    • Describe the platform and other information necessary to execute your code/prototype.

Also, please create a zip file with all the code used / created for the prototype. Create anexecutable version of the prototype. If the prototype is a webpage, and the page is publicly accessible, you can send the link to the page (you must still submit the code though). If the prototype cannot be tested directly, create a short movie on how somebody can interact with the prototype. You must show snapshots of your code & also an executable demo in class.


you will be asked to submit a final implementation, report and slide presentation of your project.

In preparation of your report, you are asked to make any last minute changes to your interface and to the software environment. To do so, please use the problems that you might have identified as part of the usability study from the previous project phase. You may not have the time or the ability to address all the problems, but you should aim to tackle the key ones.

Next, you should write a comprehensive project report. This means that the report should be sufficient for somebody to read and understand what your interface is and how you developed the process without having to go through all the materials that you submitted in the previous parts. Please note that this may be challenging for you, as you have tackled the projects for several weeks and have also received feedback from the instructor along the way. You must assume however that whoever is reading the report has never heard of your project prior to picking up the report.

As part of the report you should:

  • Introduce the problem
  • Describe who your audience is
  • Describe competitive solutions and the deficiencies of those solutions
  • Describe your solution
  • Give an overview of your approach
  • Present all screens you have designed with commentaries to explain (do screen grabs)
  • Show the transition diagram(s) for the screens in your design (it is sufficient to use screen names as long as it is unambiguous what screens are being referred to)
  • Describe your tutorial/help/any assistance you give to learners of your system
  • Describe your usability study including how you ran it, how many participants there were and their demographic characteristics. Summarize the problems you discovered and describe what you changed in your final prototype to address those problems.
  • Finally, describe open issues you are aware of, and what the next things you would do if you were to continue working on this project.Your report should be written in proper English and not include colloquial terms

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