comprehensive analysis 2

Comprehensive Analysis

Meets Course Learning Outcomes:

• Student Learning Outcome: Evaluate the effectiveness of interpersonal, group, and public communication through self-reflection and shared feedback.

• Student Learning Outcome: Organize, compose, present, and critically evaluate informative and persuasive presentations appropriate in content and style to the audience and situation.

• Student Learning Outcome: Identify, locate, evaluate and use information technologies and information sources.

Assignment Goal: This assignment asks you to explore ways to improve an interpersonal relationship that is challenging for you and that you would like to improve. The assignment is meant to assess your ability to apply course material to your life in a practical and realistic manner in order to achieve desired results. The paper can be a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 pages. Be prepared to deliver a 1-2 minute oral summary of your paper.

Assignment Stages:

A: Evolution and Characteristics of the Relationship: In the form of a narrative or story, explain how the relationship has evolved over time, including significant actions, behaviors or communication of any form. Include influences such as roles, tasks, boundaries, culture, gender, power or resources that you feel have shaped the relationship. Pay particular attention to channels of communication such as e-mail, face-to-face interaction or phone. Explain where the relationship stands today and the specific challenges facing the relationship. 1-2 pages.

B: Describe the Context of the Relationship: Illustrate the context of the relationship both abstractly and concretely. Describe the physical characteristics of the social context as well the underlying social norms, values, attitudes and beliefs of the context that influence the relationship you will explore. For example, if the relationship takes place at work, describe the physical characteristics of the setting or settings, and how these may advance or obstruct the relationship. The abstract aspects of the relationship are the underlying norms, values, attitudes and beliefs that pattern and influence reasoning, thought, motivation roles or boundaries. 1-2 pages.

C: Application of Course Material: Apply at least 3 course concepts, theories or definitions to the analysis in order to illustrate interpersonal communication dynamics. One of those concepts are required to be from our section on Conflict. Explain the course concepts, what they mean, and provide examples that illustrate them from the relationship. For example, perhaps the relationship exhibits disconfirming messages. Describe the concept, and then provide examples as to how the relationship illustrates it. Cite sources or pages where necessary. 1-2 pages.

D: Action Plan: Finally, create two different plans of action in order to improve the relationship. Provide specific actions that you might take, what the steps are meant to accomplish and how success will be determined. The Action Plan may include seminars, texts, events or any other materials you see fit. Be specific, but succinct and clear. Creative action plans will be rewarded. 1-2 pages

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