Composition /Analysis

ENGL 1020: Composition /Analysis

University of Memphis

Week #3: The Rhetorical Analysis/Logical Fallacies

This unit will:

Further introduce critical reading strategies.

Introduce logical fallacies often found in arguments

Begin the Drafting Process to fulfill the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment

You may start the unit at any time, but you must have all tasks completed by Sunday at 11:59 pm.

I suggest that you print the Weekly Overview and check off the tasks as you complete them to help you stay on track throughout the week.

Unit Tasks:

Read the textbook articles as directed by the Assignment Calendar:

“The Education of Dasmine Cathey” pp. 143-162

“Memphis Burning” 183-201

“Blacks in Memphis Lose Decades of Economic Gains” pp. 163-169

“Reflecting on ENGL 1020” and “Rhetorical Analysis” pp 468-472

Watch the “Logical Fallacies Video.”

Read the “Logical Fallacy Discussion Post Assignment” in Week #3. Post by Thursday, and respond by Sunday at 11:59.

Choose the essay you will analyze for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment. You may choose from:

“The Soul of Memphis” by Jamie Katz, pp. 19-39

“The Education of Dasmine Cathey” by Brad Wolverton, pp. 143-162

“Memphis Burning” by Preston Lauterbach, pp. 183-201

“The Resistance: Memphis Activism Sprouts Everywhere” by Flyer Staff, pp. 83-91

* If you wish to analyze another essay for your assignment, you must email me the title (if it is in our textbook) or a link (if not in the

textbook) by Thursday at 11:59 pm for my approval.

Begin analyzing the article of your choice for the essay assignment using the “Analysis Worksheet” in Week #3. Then, draft a one-two page straight summary of the article, which is due to the Dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 pm.

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