Complete The Anxiety And Stress Disorders Worksheet.

PSY 275 Week 3 Anxiety and Stress Disorders Worksheet

Complete the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Worksheet.

Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Match the following symptoms with the correct disorder.

1. ______ Lasts 6 months or longer; exposure to social situations which allow scrutiny by others; persistent fear may be present

2. ______ Exposure to trauma that is real or threatened

3. ______ Anxiety is created by the fear of social interactions

4. ______ Inability to remember trauma that happened to the person and symptoms are not because of substances or medical conditions

5. ______ Excessive and persistent worry for three months or longer

6. ______ Symptoms and maladaptive behavior may be present for a month following an attack

7. ______ Identity disruption is present with at least two personality states

8. ______ Sleep disturbance and heightened arousal to surroundings

9. ______ Panic attacks that recur unexpectedly

10. ______ Recurring memories, dreams, and/or flashbacks

11. ______ Gaps in memory of a personal nature often occur, and are not associated with typical forgetting

12. ______ Behavior is affected by worrying

13. ______ Negative thinking about self and events

14. ______ Fear of negative evaluation

15. ______ Avoiding situations that cause fear

A. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

B. Socialized Anxiety Disorder

C. Panic Disorder

D. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

E. Dissociative Amnesia

F. Dissociative Identity Disorde

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