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Journal #4: Student Loans

Due: Sunday, February 23, 2020

For this assignment, you will interpret and relate sociological content to

your daily life and personal history. In this journal, you will apply course

content from the past several weeks to a discussion of student loans and

your own life.

First, how are student loans a social problem? What role does

policymaking play with regard to shaping student loans? What roles do the

media and public opinion play with regard to student loans? In this journal,

you will share part of your personal biography as example(s) to supplement

your discussion of the student loans and social problems.

Over the years, critics of student loan policies have shifted focus from

“wasted brainpower,” to “deadbeat students,” to “crushing debt.” How can

the press, the public, and policymakers decide whether a particular policy

outcome, like student loans, deserves their attention? What are some

reasons why those creating policies might choose to frame narrow – versus

broad – critiques of social policies like student loans?

Your answers should be in essay format, typed, 1-2 pages in length, and

double-spaced. This assignment should be completed independently. A

high-quality essay will explicitly incorporate concepts, theories, and topics

from the text and lectures, and it will demonstrate a good understanding of

them as they pertain to the questions above.

Your paper should include an introduction, an overview of student loans as

a social problem, its intersection with policymaking, the media, and public

opinion, and a brief discussion as relative to your life. Summarize your

thoughts and explain using key course content. Lastly, your journal should

include a conclusion explaining how using key course content gave you a

better understanding of your biography.


  • Assignment Length: 1-2 pages
  • Format: Typed (12pt. font), double-spaced, one (1) inch margins
  • You must provide citations using a consistent and appropriate APA format
  • both in-text and with a References page at the end of the paper

  • Be sure to clearly and correctly define all sociological concepts, terms, or
  • theories that are used in your paper. Show off what you’ve learned!

  • Excessive problems in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will result in grade
  • deductions

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