city profile final paper about beijing china

The City that I choose is Beijing,China.

Students should choose a city in the world to write a City Profile final paper and create a poster presentation. We will have a sign-up sheet to ensure that there is some diversity in the cities selected. This paper should be 1,750-2,000 words (7-8 double spaced pages, one inch margins, 12 point font). This is an academic paper, so you should rarely use first person, “I.” Points will be deducted for typo and grammar errors. Include the course number, your first and last name, student ID number, and page numbers on every page (as a header or footer). Upload the assignment into Canvas by the due date and time.

You must use American Psychological Association (APA) citation format and include a bibliography/list of references cited. Avoid using Wikipedia for citations; instead, use the citation of the original source where Wikipedia retrieved the information. Using Google Scholar, UCI Library, or another academic publication search engine, read at least three academic articles or books about your selected city. These resources cannot be from the syllabus. You must have at least three direct quote citations (word for word/verbatim text using quotation marks). Again, these resources must be different from the readings assigned in the syllabus.

The Final Paper should address the following:

Where is your city? Insert a map in the paper (be sure to cite)
How large is your city? What is the geographic size and total population?
What makes it interesting/unique?
Why did you select this city to research?
Describe the outline of the sections of your paper (in 2-3 sentences)

When and why was this city created established?
Provide us an overview of the history of the city by selecting 3-5 different time periods, e.g., pre-1900s, 1900-1930s, 1930s-1960s, 1970s-1990, 2000s to present
Highlight important events during each time period

Socioeconomic Data
Provide the most recent data available for the following:
Total population
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or wealth of the city
Race/ethnicity (percentage of the major categories)
Median income
Median home price or value
Median rent
Poverty rate
Education attainment or literacy rates
Most common businesses or products produced
Health data/infant mortality
Any other relevant data

Social Change
What was one social change event/movement? Describe the event/movement (related to culture, religion, economics, science or technology).
When did this occur (date or dates)?
Where did this occur (specific location/neighborhood, etc.)? Describe the location.
Why was this significant?
Who was affected by this social change? Describe the groups of people and how they were affected.
How was the city, country, or world affected by this social change?

Summarize each section of the paper in 2-3 sentences.
Explain why this city is unique (1-2 sentences)
Explain why the social change event/movement was significant (1-2 sentences)
For your last sentence(s), explain how was the city, country, or world affected by this social change (1-2 sentences)

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